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Splice Brings You Dub Reggae Featuring Isha Bel

New York Based company Splice, the leading cloud-based music creation and collaboration platform has teamed up with reggae roots and rubadub Jamaican singer Isha bel on its latest release DuB Reggae Ft Isha Bel. The Pack contains a total of 361 samples for the dub enthusiast.

For this Splice Originals release, we took a similar approach that you would to recording a dub record, leaning more on overdubs where you'd typically have a live band. Each layer was meticulously performed and processed to create a lo-fi vibe. Though this pack features bass, keys, horns

, synths, and guitar layers, the focal point is Isha Bel's powerful, metallic vocals, delivered with bold tenacity.

Reminiscent of the soulful sounds of the early days of reggae, balanced by the raw gritty energetic delivery of modern styles, Isha Bel lend

vocals and written songs for artists such as Chaka Demus, Jimmy Riley, and more. She's worked with several producers across the globe with vinyl and digital releases in Europe, the U.S., and South Africa.

How to get Dub Reggae ft Isha bel?

Music and dubs enthusiasts can access the vocal pack by signing up for one of splice subscription based plans Splice offers a new and improved subscription bundle that provides you the sample content you know and love with new and groundbreaking tools to help you on your music production journey.

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