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Music Galore for 2024: Isha Bel Lights Up the Scene with 3 New Releases!"

"Music Galore for 2024: Isha Bel Lights Up the Scene with 3 New Releases!"


As we step into the vibrant realm of 2024, the reggae music scene is set ablaze with the electrifying sounds of Isha Bel. The talented artist is making waves across the globe with not one, but three sensational releases, each showcasing her versatility and profound musicality. Hailing from different corners of Europe – Switzerland, the UK, and France – these releases promise a musical journey that spans deep roots reggae to chill vibes, providing something for every discerning music lover.

1. "Anuh Man Way" – A Spiritual Odyssey from Switzerland:

On January 12, Zion Cave Records out of Switzerland unleashed the much-anticipated first single and video, "Anuh Man Way," from Isha Bel's upcoming album, "Walk to Zion." This deep roots offering is a testament to Isha Bel's powerful vocals, exceptional songwriting skills, and unwavering commitment to spiritual balance. The video, which premiered on Reggaeville, captures the essence of the track, immersing the audience in a soul-stirring experience.

2. "My Reward" – A Digital Roots Masterpiece from the UK:

Conscious Sound of the UK brings forth "My Reward," an 8-track EP featuring vocal and dub selections that elevate digital roots to the forefront. The lead track, "My Reward," is a bass-driven anthem reflecting Isha Bel's commitment and passion for her craft. The EP takes listeners on a sonic journey, showcasing the distance traveled by Isha Bel to achieve such musical mastery.

3. "Every Little Ting" – OBF Presents the Lighter Side from France:

Adding a touch of French finesse to the trio, the label OBF unveils "Every Little Ting," a cool and easy-going delivery that entered the iTunes Reggae Spanish Top 100 chart at an impressive number 29. This track, part of OBF's mixtape album released on December 25, highlights Isha Bel's ability to seamlessly navigate different musical styles while maintaining her signature sound.


Positive High-Grade Vibrations:

Isha Bel's dedication to delivering positive high-grade vibrations is evident in each release. Music lovers can immerse themselves in the entire vibe by visiting her website, The tracks are available for streaming and saving on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more. For an uninterrupted musical journey through Isha Bel's latest releases, check out the one-stop link below


2024 is undeniably a year to remember for reggae enthusiasts, thanks to Isha Bel's triumphant trio of releases. From the deep roots of Switzerland to the digital roots of the UK and the easy vibes of France, Isha Bel has curated a musical experience that transcends borders. Don't miss the chance to dive into the richness of her talent – stream, save, and let the positive vibrations of Isha Bel's music resonate in your soul!

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