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Isha Bel wants the Good Life

Listen to Isha bel Brand new track Good Life out Now on the Dem Nuh Good Compilation album

Produced By Fabio Miglietta Sud Sound System Salento Sound System ·(Italy )

Written by Natalie Walsh · Terron Fabio

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About Isha Bel

Raw and Soulful is a definitive description of Jamaican singer, writer & producer Isha Bel. Her energy is reminiscent of the soulful sounds of the early days of reggae, balanced by the raw gritty delivery of modern sounds of roots and rubadub music. Isha Bel’s powerful metallic vocals & colourful performing style has been seeping in the hearts of reggae lovers worldwide. Her writings are thought provoking and inspiring. She has a growing catalogue some and has worked with producers local and producers in Europe & South Africa.Her recent album “Hear me Now (One Woman Army)” has received great reviews, chosen as Album of the Week on Japan’s Reggae Downloads and added to the 2020 Reggae Grammy Awards consideration list. She was also nominated in the Int’l Female Reggae artiste of the year category on Reggae France.

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