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She has a voice capable of going down diverse adventurous pathways -
Dan Franck Editor -United Reggae Magazine.


Isha Bel

Rootsy Raw and  Soulful are  terms  used to describe  Jamaican Songstress , actress, writer and producer Isha Bel

Isha Bel's  powerful metallic vocals  and  colourful performing style   has been seeping in the  hearts of music lovers worldwide. Reminiscent of the soulful sounds of  the early days of reggae,balanced   by the raw gritty energetic delivery  of modern  urban styles. Her songs are thought provoking and inspiring and has taken her to diverse places to perform . Isha Bel  has featured on written for songs for artistes such as Chaka Demus , OBF Sound, Junior Dread and more .  Isha Bel has worked with a number of producers across the globe and has releases in Europe USA South Africa on vinyl and downloads

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Show Dates 

Music Releases

When it comes to creating music that fills the soul with good vibes, Isha Bel is the name to know. Her sound is rooted in the Jamaican traditions of roots and rubadub, with elements of lovers rock and dancehall infused throughout. Discover the magic of  Isha Bel's music today. Available On Vinyl and Digital

Isha Bel OnStage


Isha Bel demonstrate excellent command of the stage during her Live Band performances .whether  with her own band or a pick band . She grabs the audience's  attention 

PA/Sound System

Versatile on Any Riddim Any version Isha bel 

delivers P A or Rubadub  Sound System Style . She has  taken her performance from Jamaica to  Europe .

Isha bel & Belacoutic

Join me for an unforgettable acoustic showcase, where I'll be performing some of my most-loved songs . Dubbed Binghicoustic, my acoustic performances are soulful and powerful, featuring just a guitar, drums, and my unique voice. With years of experience playing with my Belacoustic band and Earl Chinna Smith's Binghistra Movement, my performances will give you unforgettable experience


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Many Moods Of Isha bel


Feb 2021-Nominated in the Intl Female ReggaeArtiste Category -Reggae France- 

April 2020

-Hear Me Now ( One Woman Army)  ) named

Album of the Week -

Reggae Downloads


95% Score

Noteworthy album with poignant and unapologetic songs of inspirations and consciousness


Higrade Rubadub

(Hear Me Now Album -

WorldA Reggae -Danny Creatah

Mar 2019-Featured in Riddim Magazine  Year of the Female issue

July 2019-Empress of the Month Black Board Jungle Dubzine 3
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