Coming straight out of the city of Kingston

,Natalie ' Isha bel” Walsh

music career spans most of her life writing singing and performing. She has accompanied many Jamaican acts such as 4th street sista, Sizzla , Livin Kulcha,Droop Lion, Warrior King, Andrew Tosh, Ras Michael and the Suns of Negus, Iley dread  live and in studio locally & internationally

 The multifaceted Isha bel now put her undeniable talent and  on full display as a solo  artiste, songwriter and producer  bring to the ears of listeners worldwide poignant and unapologetic  songs of inspirations and consciousness fuelled by stories of her life growing up in East Kingston , Jamaica and her quest for spiritual balance.

Isha bel possesses  a   powerful metallic voice reminiscent of the soulful sounds of  the early days of reggae,balanced   by the raw gritty energetic delivery  of modern  urban sounds  . She is often compared to all three members of iconic reggae group,The I Threes ,Phyllis Dillon and Tina Turner.


She re-emerged as Isha bel in late 2012

after taken a break from the music scene.Isha bel search for spiritual balance, led her to the teachings of Ras Tafari.

Her roots conscious outlook , quest for self understanding and spiritual balance lead her to record with roots label Caveman production. She recorded several songs such as No call the police /Only Jah Knows/ Domestic Problems, In my House and African Woman, Red Black and Green a tribute to Marcus Garvey. She won Irish and Chin's 45 sound clash with the single No call the Police.

This indicated to the reggae audience that a new voice was emerging. With the help of brethrens and sistrens such as George "Wild Life" Scott with whom she collaborated on many songs she was introduced to a number of international producers. Since her re-emergence as a solo performer, Isha bel’s career has been steadily building, recording for a number of producers in Jamaica and Europe and performing on many events around Jamaica. Several singles have been released on vinyls and downloads.

These singles include Bless Jah Holy Name and Blessings from Conscious Sounds(UK). Locks Grow on Idlers Corners Records (Fra).They should know (Where the Good Sensimilla Grows) Feel it/ Sticky Sticky/ On Unrulee Records (UK) Babylon Falling down.. Her latest self produced single “Too Much Duppy Stories” has been taking root on radio locally and internationally Her appearance and off stage persona belies the focus and mission she lives ,keeping calm like the eye of an hurricane until she makes landfall when she takes the stage.

She has performed on numerous events across Jamaica and the Caribbean such as Irie Fm's Black history month and Marcus Garvey Festival. Isha bel's performance was broadcasted live on the Irie Fm station . Stepping High Ganja Fest in Negril,Trench Town Rock Festival, Bob Marley 70 anniversary. Ministry of Education Stop Child Abuse to a massive audience in Westmoreland.

Most recently in Aug 2015 she was chosen by JCDC and the UNIA to sing the song shehas written Red Black and Green in tribute to National Hero The Honorable Marcus Garvey at the Official memorial ceremony at National Heroes Park in Kingston.

Her music tells the truth and reality that conscious reggae music is generally known for , represented fully by the Inspirational,thought provoking, pretty, gritty, rootsy rubadub style of Isha Bel.